Tips for masters

Time is running out and you have no idea what topic to choose for the high school term paper?

Are you looking for an innovative theme with which to surprise the commission? Good: you are in the right place!

Long days or perhaps whole weeks spent staring at a blank sheet, squeezing your brains out in search of a captivating theme for the maturity thesis, they have brought as their only result: the cosmic nothing.

Perhaps because there are fossilized thoughts with the classic themes that can bring together a large part of the exam materials … But, with a little courage mixed with madness, you can write an original essay that can amaze the professors of the commission!

A project outside the box

If you started from your passion ?! When you say … “kill two birds with one stone”! Because writing and finding ideas talking about a subject that we like and are passionate about is certainly easier.

* Sport: If you are a sports fan, a term paper featuring a great sports character is certainly an excellent idea that will allow you to link different subjects together. Take for example champions like Valentino Rossi, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Federica Pellegrini and Koby Briant. But also sportsmen of the past like Muhammad Ali, Pelè, Nadia Comaneci, Coppi and Bartali … just to name a few.

* Le Dive del cinema: From our local Sophia Loren to the American Marilyn Monroe, through the very elegant Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Beautiful women, charming and of great character. For those wishing to deal with the vast subject of women in their essay, this could be an innovative idea.

* Cult movies and TV series: For film fans it will be the best solution. Write your own essay starting from a movie or from your favorite TV series and then expand and connect with all other subjects.

* Singers: Even here one could cite hundreds of names of artists who have made the history of music and not only. Because many singers with their songs and their stories have created real musical revolutions that have accompanied and told the revolutions and evolutions of the world in which we live. Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Freddy Mercury, U2 … need no introduction. But let’s not forget the likes of Maria Callas, Billy Holiday, Patty Smith and Madonna.

Now all you have to do is choose what you are most passionate about and you will see that the connections, thoughts and ideas will be unstoppable. The blank sheet of just now will be just a memory!