Commissioners outside the maturity exam? Here’s how to conquer them

Among all the unknowns and anxieties that the approaching maturity exam brings with it, one of the greatest is undoubtedly that of the external commissioners.

Because if your professors know you well, they have spent the whole course of studies with you and can understand your reactions, you cannot say the same of the terrible perfect unknown external commissioners.

They see you for the first time in the oral and do not know that when you are agitated you get stuck, or you talk in bursts, or maybe instead stutters … also because you don’t have time to talk calmly about the answer. It’s a face-to-face conversation and things you know (and right away too) or not!

But don’t panic! Let’s start with an assumption: you have so many chances that the commissioner is as severe as it is good and understanding.

It is said that the stranger in question is the sorcerer ready to cheat you if you show a little uncertainty, maybe you get a sympathetic professor, who tries to put you at ease without getting upset. Come on, we’re a little optimistic!

A few tricks are enough. First of all: try to get prepared. Awareness of one’s knowledge should already make you feel at ease; if this were not enough, below we show you some small suggestions that could help you and make you shine in the eyes of both internal and external commission.

First of all when you come in and when you leave say goodbye: it will seem like the grandmother’s classic recommendation, but often it happens that, taken by anxiety first and then by euphoria, we forget our manners. Always be kind and smiling (not coarse).

Proper clothing is recommended: no miniskirts to stun professors and for boys no tank top or Bermuda shorts. It is an official examination and everything that revolves around it must be treated with respect, starting with clothing that must be appropriate to the situation!

When they talk to you, try not to interrupt them and don’t overlap even if you understand what they want to tell you, always wait for them to finish then intervene.

If they ask you something you can’t answer don’t climb on the glass by inventing things at random, if you can formulate a pseudo response that can be more or less relevant then ok, otherwise with the utmost sincerity you admit you don’t know the answer, maybe you use too much emotion as “excuse”!

An attitude that denotes a lot of security is to always look your interlocutor in the eye, in doing so you will show yourself an attentive candidate and you will be sure to have caught their attention

But the key thing is to take a few minutes before entering the classroom. Concentrate and try to relax as much as possible: you are taking your first steps into the world of adults. Whatever happens … it will be a success!