How to bind the high school term paper?

Almost there now. Maturity exams at the gates. Some tips to understand how to bind your maturity paper.

There are various methods for binding. Be wary of DIY if you want a result that lasts over time. Someone proposes to cold bind with vinyl glue … bad idea. And if the sheets come off in the examiner’s hand … it’s not the best!

Here are the most reliable binding methods:

1. Spiral binding: the sheets of your paper are pierced by a special tool and inserted into the tabs of the spiral (which can be metal or plastic). You can put a colored card as the last page and a transparent PVC sheet on the front so that your title page remains visible

PRO: low cost

CONS: the metal spiral tends to break easily, the sheets tend to come off if the holes are made too much on the edge of the page (it depends a lot on the use you will make of your paper). It is a good method for binding notes, not for a graduation term paper!

2. Thermal (or hot) binding: the sheets of your paper are inserted into the thermal binding which has a layer of glue that melts in contact with heat and allows the sheets to be bound. You can choose whether to put a colored card as a title page or a transparent PVC sheet.

PRO: minimum expense-good yield, you can insert your thesis in the library (the appearance of the spine is the same as the spine of the books)

CONS: We don’t see it!

3. Paperback: it is the perfect format for the high school term paper. The sheets of your term paper are bound, that is, milled and glued to the external rigid cardboard.

PRO: minimum expenditure-maximum yield, you can insert your thesis in the library, excellent hold, you can print in gold or silver on the cover, you can print in color on the cover. The end result is perfect. You can also choose special formats in addition to the standard A4 (A5, B5, …)

CONS: We don’t see it!

4. Rigid binding: this is the format used for graduation theses. A hardcover covered with imitation leather, canvas, or other types of leather contains the pages of your dissertation that are bound with very resistant glue. On the external frontispiece (cover) is printed in gold, silver and other colors. The cover print makes your work precious and refined.

PRO: durability, aesthetic beauty of the product, also suitable for many pages

CONS: higher costs than the other binding methods. Perfect for graduation theses but perhaps too refined for the maturity thesis, unless you choose bright colors or have a particular frontispiece

To see the various types of binding, take a look here and on the Tesi24 website and … have a good job!